Spiritual Crusade – Day 13


This is day 13 of Voice of the Family’s spiritual crusade. Please join us in prayer for the protection of unborn children in Ireland and in your own country. 

Intention: to obtain from God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that Ireland may be entirely delivered from the evil of abortion and that the bishops may be granted the grace to preach the gospel fearlessly and to defend unborn children with all their strength.

Prayer: Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

As well as praying we must also act!

The video above sets out the key arguments that must made be now in defence of Ireland’s unborn children. We invite supporters worldwide to familiarise themselves with these arguments and then take action as follows:

  • We ask Irish citizens to write to their TDs to demand that the Dail reject all attempts to repeal the pro-life 8th amendment. You can find the email address and postal address of your TD here.
  • We invite everyone throughout the world, and especially members of the Irish diaspora, to contact members of Dail, members of the Seanad, and government ministers to ask them to fulfil their duty and defend the right-to-life of Ireland’s unborn children. Full contact details, including email addresses all of members and ministers, can be found here. Tell them that the world looks to Ireland to witness to right-to-life of every innocent child.
  • We ask everyone to share the video above and encourage family, friends and acquaintances to join our spiritual crusade.