Spiritual Crusade – Day 34


This is day 34 of our 54 day spiritual crusade. We are now praying in thanksgiving for the graces received during the first half of our crusade. Please continue to pray with us.

Intention: in thanksgiving for the graces granted for the protection of unborn children in Ireland, and around the world, in answer to our spiritual crusade

Prayer: Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

Daily Spiritual Reflection

“…in his mercy he has given us a revelation of himself by coming amongst us, to be one of ourselves, with all the relations and qualities of humanity, to gain us over. He came down from heaven and dwelt amongst us, and died for us. All these things are in the Creed, which contains the chief things that he has revealed to us about himself. Now the great power of the Rosary lies in this, that it makes the Creed into a prayer; of course the Creed is in some sense a prayer and a great act of homage to God; but the Rosary gives us the great truths of his life and death to meditate upon, and brings them nearer to our hearts. And so we contemplate all the great mysteries of his life and his birth in the manger; and so too the mysteries of his suffering and his glorified life. But even Christians, with all their knowledge of God, have usually more awe than love of him, and the special virtue of the Rosary lies in the special way in which it looks at these mysteries; for with all our thoughts of him are mingled thoughts of his Mother, and in the relations between Mother and Son we have set before us the Holy Family, the home in which God lived. Now the family is, evenly humanly considered, a sacred thing; how much more the family bound together by supernatural ties, and, above all, that in which God dwelt with his Blessed Mother.”

– Bl. John Henry Newman, Sayings of Cardinal Newman