Spiritual crusade – Day 7


This is day 7 of Voice of the Family’s spiritual crusade. 

Intention: to obtain from God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that Ireland may be entirely delivered from the evil of abortion and that the bishops may be granted the grace to preach the gospel fearlessly and to defend unborn children with all their strength.

Prayer: Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

Daily Spiritual Reflection

“The Lord is with you”

“The Blessed Virgin excels the angels in her closeness to God. The Angel Gabriel indicated this when he said: ‘The Lord is with you’—as if to say: ‘I reverence you because you art nearer to God than I, because the Lord is with you.’ By the Lord; he means the Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit, who in like manner are not with any angel or any other spirit: ‘The Holy which shall be born of you shall be called the Son of God’ [Lk 1:35]. God the Son was in her womb: ‘Rejoice and praise, O you habitation of Sion; for great is He that is in the midst of you, the Holy One of Israel’ [Is 12:6].

“The Lord is not with the angel in the same manner as with the Blessed Virgin; for with her He is as a Son, and with the angel He is the Lord. The Lord, the Holy Ghost, is in her as in a temple, so that it is said: ‘The temple of the Lord, the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit,’ [Benedictus antiphon from the Little Office of Blessed Virgin], because she conceived by the Holy Ghost. ‘The Holy Ghost shall come upon you’ [Lk 1:35]. The Blessed Virgin is closer to God than is an angel, because with her are the Lord the Father, the Lord the Son, and the Lord the Holy Ghost—in a word, the Holy Trinity. Indeed of her we sing: ‘Noble resting place of the Triune God.’ ‘The Lord is with you’ are the most praise-laden words that the angel could have uttered; and, hence, he so profoundly reverenced the Blessed Virgin because she is the Mother of the Lord and Our Lady. Accordingly she is very well named ‘Mary,’ which in the Syrian tongue means ‘Lady.'”

– St Thomas Aquinas, Exposition on the Angelic Salutation