Cardinal Marx parrots Archbishop Forte’s party line for the Synod

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the president of the German bishops’ conference, today parroted the pro-homosexual party line inserted by Archbishop Bruno Forte into the Synod’s relatio, or mid-way report. This party line has been repeated – with uncanny similarity – in the daily press briefings at the Vatican Press Office , notably by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and Archbishop Fisichella. According to reporters at today’s daily briefing, Cardinal Marx:

  • affirmed “value” in “faithful”, “long-term, caring same-sex relationships”, distinguishing them from “someone who changes partners every day”
  • asserted that “we cannot say all or nothing, relationships are so varied, we must find what is good, there are many ways to holy marriage”
  • argued that “we should find a different language, not one of black and white, human problems are much more complex”
  • said that “Saying that the doctrine will never change … is a restrictive view of things.”

In response, Voice of the Family says:

Cardinal Marx claimed that, not only do most German bishops support the Kasper proposal (Holy Communion for Catholics in invalid second unions), but most German Catholics too. He said that “we cannot choose our faithful”. In response, Voice of the Family says that the faithful should not be confirmed in their errors, but led by their bishops to understand and love the Church’s doctrine-based discipline regarded the worthy reception of the Lord’s Body.

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