Voice of the Family endorses “Preferential Option for the Family”

The international coalition Voice of the Family is pleased to give its endorsement to a new publication on the synod on the family, written by three Catholic bishops. The publication, entitled Preferential Option for the Family: 100 Questions and Answers relating to the Synod, has written by Mt Rev Aldo di Cillo Pagotto, Archbishop of Paraiba (Brazil), Mt Rev Robert F Vasa, Bishop of Santa Rosa (United States of America) and Mt Rev Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana (Kazakhstan). The book discusses questions ranging across the following topics “The Synod of Bishops and its Authority”, “The Sexual Revolution”, “The 2014 Synod’s Approach on Church-World Relationships”, “Moral Teaching and Pastoral Practice”, “Communion for the Separated, Divorced and Divorced-Remarried” and “Homosexuality and same-sex unions”.

Voice of the Family co-founder John Smeaton endorsed the publication in the following terms:

“I strongly recommend to my fellow Catholics, particularly to my fellow Catholic parents, a new handbook on the Family Synod Preferential Option for the Family: 100 Questions and Answers relating to the Synod. This easy-to-read publication is small treasure box of Catholic teaching and of very good reasons to believe in Catholic teaching. With great clarity, it analyses and seeks to clear away the moral confusion of ordinary Catholics who have been formed in the faith but who are overwhelmed by the cultural winds of the sexual revolution. It provides ordinary Catholics – parents, teachers, priests, writers, pro-life activists – with arguments and a language with which we can speak convincingly to young people about marriage, faithfulness, chastity, and about the terrible errors on these matters which are currently afflicting so many members of the Church including church leaders involved in the Family Synod. Through the pages of this excellent handbook, I learned once again about the power of God, the power of God’s grace, which is available to everyone and which is infinitely stronger than the powerful politicians and international bodies who are orchestrating the sexual revolution and the culture of death. Put simply, this book can strengthen our families’ Catholic faith at this time of terrible and terrifying moral confusion at the top of the Catholic Church. Get a copy if you can!”

The book has been published by organisers of the Filial Appeal. Copies of the Preferential Option for the Family: 100 Questions and Answers relating to the Synod booklet can be obtained by emailing segreteria.supplicafiliale@outlook.com.