WATCH: Full videos of Rome Life Forum talks now available

The fourth annual Rome Life Forum was held from 18-19 May to discuss the theme “The Family Under Attack: Protecting Parents as Primary Educators.” The Forum was addressed by a wide range of prestigious speakers who approached the subject from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Links to the full texts and videos of the speakers’ talks can be found below.

Raymond Cardinal Burke: The secret of Fatima and a new evangelisation, (Full text, Full video)

Watch a clip of Cardinal Burke issuing his historical call for the consecration:

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra: Our present situation: the battle between Our Lord and the reign of Satan (Full textFull video)

Watch a clip of Cardinal Caffarra discussing Sr. Lucia’s prophesy on the importance of the pro-family cause: 

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The family: the first encounter with the beauty of the Catholic faith (Full text, Full video)

Duke Paul von Oldenburg:The gift of marriage and the proper role of parents in the education and formation of their children, (Full text, Full video)

Prof. Roberto De Mattei: A history of revolutions and their consequences for the family, (Full text, Full video)

Fr. Linus Clovis: Whom should one fear? (Full text,  Full video)

Fr. Francesco Giordano: A posthumane twentieth century: from divorce, contraception and abortion to gender and transhumanism (Full text: Part IPart IIPart III, Full video)

Matthew McCusker: The sex education agenda and the Catholic Church (Full text, Full video)