Talks and videos from the VOICE OF THE FAMILY youth programme

From 27 Sept – 3 Oct, young Catholics committed to defend the faith, life, and the family gathered from across the world in Rome for the Voice of the Family’s programme Created for Heaven: the mission of Catholic young adults in today’s world. Our formational youth programme seeks to identify prospective leaders and equip them to defend the unchangeable teachings of the Catholic Church in years to come. Some articles and videos from the programme, that comprised of a pilgrimage to the seven principal churches in Rome, talks and Catholic fellowship, are available on the links below. More will be added here in due course.

Young people receive solid Catholic formation during LifeSite-sponsored program in Rome

Watch: Young people make ancient pilgrimage through streets of Rome

Watch: Priest explains how angels help Christians fight today’s spiritual battle

Watch: Michael Matt in Rome Addresses Youth Conference