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Fighting for life, an interview with John Smeaton, published on the occasion of his retiring from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children which co-founded Voice of the Family. In this interview John Smeaton reflects on the critical developments witnessed in over fifty years of struggle surrounding the most important human rights issue in the world today – the right to life. 

Originally established to defend unborn children from abortion, the pro-life movement is now faced with a range of evils that threaten the most vulnerable members of society and attack the family unit itself. Where is the movement headed and what can we learn from the mistakes of the past? It is our hope that the response to these and other questions will provide not only insight and encouragement but also guiding principles that can help the next generation chart a steady course in a darkening world. 

“For 47 years, John Smeaton has engaged in the dramatic clash between life and death after the legalisation of abortion. This interview is a compelling reflection on the worldwide pro-life battle. A relentless fighter, John has always quickly spotted and responded to new threats to life and the family, drawing strength from Christ and His Church.”

John Deighan
CEO of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

“This interview deals with the decisive confrontation between good and evil being fought over marriage and the family. John Smeaton’s worldwide leadership in defence of unborn children from Cairo to Peking has often been highlighted. Yet, his defence within the Church of the truths of what it is to be human stands out against decades of profound clerical betrayal of life and of our families at the highest levels. John recognises clearly that the truth enshrined in Humanae Vitae is crucial to ending abortion. His co-founding of Voice of the Family to give a platform for these truths of our Faith has made his work prophetic.”

Dr Thomas Ward
President of the John Paul Academy for Human Life and the Family

“This short book is a fitting tribute to John Smeaton’s leadership, energy, professionalism, and devotion, and should be read by everyone interested in the pro-life cause. John makes a powerful case for an approach to campaigning which places abortion in a wider context, is supported publicly by the Catholic Church, uses spiritual and well as political means, and does not fall short of vindicating the value of every life, without exception.”

Dr Joseph Shaw
Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales


Paperback: 105 pages
ISBN: 978-1-838478513
Price: UK £9.00/ EU €10.50/ USA $12.50

Worldwide Shipping Available!
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