The Winter 2021 issue of Voice of the Family’s quarterly magazine, Calx Mariae (Heel of Mary), focuses on the theme Health of the sick and salvation of souls, looking at the Church and society in this dark hour of history. Indeed, much of what this edition covers may seem rather grim and distant from the joy of Christmas, soon to be heralded by the angels over the fields of Bethlehem. However, this reflects the birth of Our Lord at the darkest time of the year, allowing His light to shine all the brighter.

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In this issue, a brief examination of the past year (p. 3) reveals how quickly a world that has abandoned God descends into darkness. Many today have been seized by the temporal realities created by the Coronavirus crisis. So much so that increasingly ruthless attacks on human life on multiple fronts go virtually unnoticed, because our attention is firmly fixed on a potential apocalypse believed to be looming on the horizon. It is more vital than ever, however, to maintain the priority of fighting for life – as ordered by God towards eternal happiness with Him in heaven – because the temptation is always to throw ourselves into a fight for life as ordered by men. There has been, as Fr Lanzetta reminds us (p. 27), a lack of supernatural wisdom in handling this situation.

We could also ask ourselves: if all restrictions are lifted and vaccination policies scrapped; would this bring Christ’s people back to Him? Or can our current trials, like the epidemics of the past (p. 18), help us realise how inconstant this world is and that we can do nothing without that same Almighty God who will soon lie helpless in the arms of His Blessed Mother?

His Blessed Mother was the only person who was present both at the crib and the cross. If we follow her from one to the other, we will surely follow her to the joy of heaven. She is the Church that we love and defend. Today we must not only fight for the Truth of the Church, but also for her honour, at a time when she is so grievously offended, even by her own children.

“What the Fathers and Saints valued and defended, we also feel called to value and defend,” explains the new President of the Una Voce Federation, Dr Joseph Shaw (p. 45). By honouring the tradition of the Church, we honour her motherhood and the way in which she wants to raise her children.

This edition of Calx Mariae covers these and many other topics to strengthen us in the culture of life, faith and the family!

64 pages

Available from 13 December 2021

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