A true pastor for the family: Fr Daniel McCaffery

LifeSiteNews.com interviewed recently a true pastor for the family: Fr Daniel McCaffery, a priest of Oklahoma City and a former military chaplain, preaches the message of Humanae Vitae across the United States. Fr McCaffery starting this apostolate during his time as a military chaplain, preaching the truth about human sexuality to American troops in Vietnam and at home. His main message is that:

“contraception is a cancer destroying our Church today … It’s the root cause, in my opinion, for much of the heartache that the Church has today with regard to marriage.”

Fr McCaffery explains:

“Once you separate the unitive from the procreative, you can do anything. You can perform any perverted act that you want. And that’s why this is a root issue. That’s why I’m so adamant about proclaiming this, because, if we don’t settle this matter clearly, I don’t see the Synod doing very much in this area of evangelization in the married life.”

Showing himself to be a true pastor of the family, Fr McCaffery says:

“The horrible thing today is people have not heard this teaching of Humanae Vitae explained clearly and in a loving way. That’s the real problem … I don’t come on in such a way that I’m talking down to the people or criticizing them. I come on as a shepherd. I tell the people that I’m here not to criticize or put them down or condemn, but that I’m here to enlighten them about a truth that’s going to make their life happy here and hereafter.”

Fr McCaffery’s message is very timely and relevant to the forthcoming Ordinary Synod on the Family in October next year, so please listen to the full interview via SoundCloud above or via the report of the interview on LifeSiteNews.com

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