Pledge a prayer for the millions of lives lost to abortion since 1967

The first pro-life campaigning organisation in the world, the UK’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, is inviting everyone to join a worldwide prayer campaign to end abortion. Since 1967, SPUC has been instrumental in building the international pro-life movement to relentlessly counter the horrendous evil of abortion which has claimed over 10 million innocent lives in Britain alone. SPUC recognises that the battle to end abortion is ultimately spiritual and only winnable by prayer and conversion. At Voice of the Family, we are very pleased to spread the word about this initiative and publish SPUC’s call to prayer here in full:

Ten million lives have been lost to abortion in England, Wales and Scotland since the passing of the Abortion Act in 1967. Each one of these precious lives was an individual person robbed of their life. While nothing can make amends for this loss, we can still, today, take action to remember those lives, and in so doing, prevent future deaths. 

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has launched a National Prayer Campaign in collaboration with the Knights of St Columba, setting a target of ten million prayers — ten million prayers for ten million lives lost to abortion. 

That is ten million people who never had the chance to live their lives, enjoy the world, flourish and have children of their own. Were it not for abortion, many of these people would have been known to us — we might have called them friend, even spouse. These lives mattered. They still do.

We ask all pro-lifers, Catholics, and all people of faith to participate in this campaign of prayer and commemoration. It began on 27 October 2022, marking the 55th anniversary of the Abortion Act in 1967, and it concludes on 27 April, this year, the date when the Abortion Act came into effect. 

You can pledge your prayers online on our dedicated Prayer Campaign webpage. It matters so much that these ten million lives are indeed recognised as lives as we continue to work towards and pray for a culture of life in the UK. By pledging your prayer, you help bring us closer to a world in which abortion in unthinkable. 

Founded in January 1967 to oppose abortion legislation being debated at the time, SPUC has gone on to become the UK’s largest and most active pro-life group. Over the past five decades, the Society has been fighting for the right to life of unborn babies, increasingly under assault from the pervasive culture of death that constantly seeks to kill as many unborn lives as possible. 

In recent months, we have seen just how far pro-abortion ideologues will go to prevent lives from being saved, even going as far as to outlaw silent prayer and the sign of the cross being made near abortion facilities. The arrest and charging of Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, a pro-life Catholic woman, in Birmingham, is a shocking example of where we are right now as a society, where freedom of religious expression can no longer be taken for granted.  

It is clear, however, that prayer is a loving act of witness and invocation that threatens the powerful abortion empire, and for good reason. Abortion, the abuse of the unborn and their mothers, is ultimately the opposite of love. In the end, with faith and prayer, love will triumph. And this victory may, indeed, begin with the simplest of prayers.

One Our Father, a decade of the Rosary, or even silent meditation can make all the difference for the unborn, as well as their mothers and families. We therefore ask that you consider pledging such a prayer. Let us all unite in prayer and together build a culture of life. 

You can visit SPUC’s National Prayer Campaign webpage by clicking here.