Synod must affirm Church teaching “without ambiguity”, says pro-family group

29 September 2014: The impending Synod on the Family must affirm Catholic Church teaching “clearly and without ambiguity”, says a growing coalition of pro-family groups.

The call was made by Voice of the Family https://voiceofthefamily.com in a position paper released today. Voice of the Family is an initiative of Catholic laity from major pro-life/pro-family organisations, formed to offer their expertise and resources before, during and after the Synod. The Synod will be held in Rome between 5 and 19 October.

In their position paper, the group says:

“The Synod provides an important opportunity to take concrete steps to address this crisis and give renewed impetus to the “New Evangelisation”. If the Synod is to be effective it is essential that the teaching of the Church is affirmed clearly and without ambiguity. All proposals which result from the Synod must be founded on the truths of the natural moral law and Divine Revelation.”

Three fundamental principles inform the group’s mission:

  1. Marriage, the exclusive, life-long union of one man and one woman, is the fundamental foundation of a stable and flourishing society and is the greatest protector of children, born and unborn.
  2. The separation of the unitive and procreative ends of the sexual act, which is intrinsic to the use of contraception, has acted as a major catalyst of the culture of death.
  3. Parents are the primary educators of their children.

The position paper concludes with the group’s belief that:

“It will be impossible to engage in a ‘New Evangelisation’, or to build a new ‘culture of life’, if the true understanding of marriage and human sexuality is no longer understood and if parents are no longer free to educate their children according to the natural moral law and the teachings of the Catholic Church. There are many men and women of good will, who have the truths of the natural moral law “written on their hearts” (Rm 2:15), who are open to hearing the message of the Church when it is presented with clarity and confidence. It is our hope that the Synod will use this opportunity to help bring the good news of Jesus Christ to families across the world.”

The number of pro-life/pro-family groups joining Voice of the Family is growing. To date the group is supported by:

Voice of the Family can be contacted by email to enquiry@voiceofthefamily.info or by telephone to +44 (0)20 7820 3148.

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